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My40 Hair dryer

High speed hair dryer attractive function :

(1)1600W, 110,000 rpm aviation-grade motor core technology, fast drying hair .
(2)200 million negative ions moisturize hair, deeply hydrate, smooth without knotting, enhance luster and elasticity
(3)NTC intelligent temperature control, 50 times/second temperature detection, automatically adjust the alternating cycle of cold and hot air, switch between two levels of strong and soft air, and gently protect your hair from high temperature damage.
(4)Hot air mode(75±5℃),Warm air mode(55±5℃), Cold air mode,alternating hot and cold mode to choose.
(5)Magnetic suction nozzle, 360°free rotation
(6)Grip handle, automatically turn on when you pick it up, and automatically turn off when leave your hand
(7)double overheating protection devices.  The first layer, when the temperature control element detect that the temperature exceeds the safe range, will automatically starts power-off protection, and the second layer, the thermal fuse can perform irreversible fuse protection in extreme cases to protect home safety.
(8) light and compact , easy to take and use .