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Dear users, thank you very much for purchasing our products, please accept our sincere appreciation here.In order to offer you our high quality after-sale service and protect your rights and interests, welcome you to supervise our work.

Firstly, when there are some problems with the machines you bought .
Please feell free to dial customer-service hotlines to contact our professional technician at anytime
A. The technician in customer-service center wiill answer your questions and proviede you solutions by phone
B. If the technician in customer-service center could not help you to resolve the problems through by phone, then we will arrange the nearest service station from you to check the machines and resolve the problems
You could contact the distributor from whom you bought the machine directly.
A. The distributor will help you to check the machines and resolve the problems.
B. If the distributorcould not resolve the problems by himself/herself, than he or she will help you to send back the machines to our service station, and the technician there will resolve it.
Also, you could send the machine to customer-service station based in "BLUE IDEA’ head office But we are sorry for that we could not receive the RMA by express delivery except the EMS express or post way, when you would like to send us the machines for checking and repairing. please make sure you are using the EMS express or post way.
※It will be better you can contact with our sales first before the shipment

Secondly: How long will it take for repairing?
When your machines need repairment, we will arrange to repair and express it back to you within 15 days after we get your parcels, If unexpected matters come out and we could not finish our work within above  time, we will call you in advance to consult about the updated time. Please make sure your telephone number be together with your machines, so we could contact you in time and inform you to get the machines after repairing ,If you give the wrong number  thus we can’t contact you for more than 2 months , We will not be responsible for keeping your machines any more, except you have a agreement with us and the authorized service station